5 Tips for Nailing Your Next Phone Interview

Employers are now using phone interviews to screen new hires. As such, companies could sort through applicants without going for the expense and time needed for on-site meet-ups.

Not getting face-to-face with a person does not mean you do not still have to bring your courage. You may have the best motives; however what you speak and how you speak it (pace, inflection, tone, etc.) could easily be misinterpreted.

Here are 5 tips you could utilize to nail the next Phone Screening:

  1. Watch your intonation and develop rapport.

Your gestures and intonation account for 90 per cent of the success of your telecommunications. If you’re just on phone without video, your intonation is all you’ve, so be determined and make sure to build rapport because people employ candidates they like.

Take note of anything on your job application that could be a sign and get ready to answer it without dropping away defensive. You wish to be truthful and address any problems, but also learn how to steer the answer to something more constructive that keeps the message of “This is exactly what I have to provide that you want.”

  1. Be ready to handle the offbeat query.

Some phone interviews have standard queries directed towards your skills and experience, but there’re also managers who might put you instantly with a situation to see how you will react and respond. The essential point would be to not let these kinds of queries stump or rattle you. Maintain a can-do outlook.

  1. Pay attention to the basics

Do away with any noisy disruptions like crying kids barking dogs, or noisy car horns. Get everybody out of your room, or ensure that you have a separate room that you could lock the door.

If you can, use a landline, a mobile phone connection is much less reliable, and call could get dropped. If you have no landline, then ensure that your mobile phone is completely charged and you take the phone call in a location where your coverage is at the best. And get the interviewer’s telephone number just in case you get disconnected.

  1. Take full advantage of the invisibility factor

Phone screenings are much like open-book exams: You could have all the details you should know (about the organization as well as the person executing the interview in front of you). Moreover, to reduce the papers background sound, tape a duplicate of your job description and job application to the wall, at your eye level, for quick reference.

  1. Follow up

24 to 48 hours after the interview ends, send a mail thanking the interviewer for the chance and summarizing the things you talked about during the interview. The subject type must be: “Your full name and job you applied for.”

If you really want the job, it is advisable to restate your enthusiasm. And, if you want to appear wiser than others, put a link to an appealing news article about the organization that you previously found during the pre-planning research.

Each manager will have a distinct method to screening candidates on the phone, however with the above tips you’ll be equipped for whatever comes towards you.